A Little Program Promotion

As a lot of you know, I am taking Public Relations at Durham College. If you have no idea what Public Relations is, see my blog post from last week for this post to make a little more sense. At DC, I am almost finished the Public Relations Advanced Diploma Program. It’s a nice, big, fancy name that means I am going to receive a three-year PR Diploma in only two years, five semesters. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?! Not only am I done in only two years (hello, I am going to be graduating when I am 20 years old), I get an incredible, fast-tracked education.

Obviously, a lot of different college’s offer the Public Relations program, so you’re probably wondering what makes Durham College’s program so special. Well, there’s a lot. So let me try to break it down for you.

01/Course Variety

In DC’s program, I take so many different courses. I have taken photography, marketing, copy writing, business writing, videography, social media, media relations, design, and publication management to name a few. I have been able to create some crazy awesome content in class that resembles real-life situations such as a media conference project where myself and some classmates had to reach out to a local non-profit organization and create an entirely unique media campaign and host a media conference at our school for the event in which the organization’s representatives attended. Some content we create is actually used for other purposes as well. For example, as Public Relations students we write stories for the college’s alumni magazine, Reflections, which is distributed to over 20,000 college alumni.

02/Event Opportunities

As a Public Relations student, my classmates and I have the opportunity to attend various PR events hosted by associations such as Canadian Public Relations Society and the International Association of Business Communicators. These events give us the opportunities to meet Public Relations professionals from various organizations and hear their opinions on current trends and behaviours. Not only are we able to attend these public events, but we also attend events through our program. Students are able to attend the Canada’s Walk of Fame Awards ceremony, the CTV and CP24 studios, and various PR agencies in Toronto. These events really give students an idea of what PR life looks like and how the media and events side of PR is run.

03/Field Trip

I do not know many of my friends who are in College and University who actually get the opportunity to still go on a field trip. Not only do we get to go on a field trip in second year, but it is for three days, to a destination that is voted on by the class, and we get to plan the entire trip ourselves. This year, my class has chosen to visit Chicago, Illinois and we will be visiting various Public Relations professionals in the city who will talk to us about their jobs and responsibilities. Some of these people include the PR from various agencies, Choose Chicago, the White Sox and more.


When I mentioned the field trip, alarms may have gone off in your head about how much a trip would cost you to Chicago for three days because hello, tuition is already a hassle right? Well, the trip cost is actually covered by fundraising done by students in class. Students raise at least $350.00 each, and the left over money is donated to charities chosen by the class as a whole. So not only do you get to go on a field trip but it is mostly paid for through fundraising and the rest of the money is donated.

05/The Teachers

I have had my fair share of awful teachers in the past. Amazing teachers are rare in a lot of cases, but not when it comes to Durham College’s PR program. The teachers of this program are very open and honest with each student and always offer extra support, even if it is in their own time. The experience some of these teachers bring to the table is mind boggling. One teacher previously ran the communications at Ontario Power Generation, one teacher had a career freelancing in PR, and one teacher has their own photography business and travels all over the world. The program coordinator herself has previously worked for CBC Television, as the publicist for the Fifth Estate and has worked for the Olympics. This roster of teachers is hard to beat; they are passionate, they know their stuff and they have great connections in the industry.


This might be a little different from most of my posts because it sounds like a sell, but I am just too passionate about my program and the education I am receiving, that I needed to share it with you. This program has made me realize a lot of things about myself and has made me dream and hope for things I never knew I wanted. And I want those things for you.


Have any questions about Durham College’s Public Relations Advanced Diploma Program? Let me know!


Happy studying my friends.


Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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