Tools of the Trade

Everyone seems to think that my generation knows everything about technology. Take my Dad for example, whenever anything goes wrong with the internet or his email, I am the first person he asks and then he gets confused as to why I don’t know the answers to his IT questions.

Although I have learned a lot through my schooling, I am not going to sit here and pretend to be some technology wizard. That being said, I have discovered quite a few useful online tools during my internship to help me seem like I know what I am doing in the tech world.



Many of my friends are more familiar with HootSuite, but I have been introduced to Buffer through my internship. Both HootSuite and Buffer are online websites that allow a person to schedule a social media post. Many businesses use these applications to populate their feeds without having to manually post time and time again. Through the site, a user can set the date, time and content of a post weeks in advance. I won’t lie, you can do a lot more on HootSuite than Buffer, but that is the beauty of Buffer. It provides the one main function audiences use the application for without any fluff: social media scheduling. You do not see your feeds displayed on the website, but that’s okay with me. I find it straight forward, simple and easy to use to plan my social media content of that week.


One of my absolute favourites of the list has to be Trello. Trello is basically a nice, big, online organization board and I think we can all guess why I like it. Trello is a website that user’s can create an account on, create boards to discuss projects, calendars, timelines, ideas and more. Many company’s use it as an internal communication device for brainstorming ideas. Anyone can be added to the boards and people can tag each other to comment back and forth. I originally started using Trello with Bay of Quinte Tourism via their editorial calendar where many people can suggest blog content ideas and submit their work for group review. I love it so much that I use it to manage my own personal blog every week. Any content ideas I have, graphics and brainstorming goes onto my board.


Another communication tool we use in the office is Slack. Slack is an instant messaging app that many members can chat back and forth, share links and information with each other. This app works great in the office to quickly send people information for a task. Personally, though, I am not a huge fan. I don’t know if it is because I grew up in the days of MSN or if I am just old school and love my email and the archiving it provides, but Slack just seems like another instant messenger in a world of immediate communication.

04/Mail Chimp

A recent discovery of mine is Mail Chimp. I feel like I have heard people talk about Mail Chimp before and I just never paid attention, but man I should have. I love Mail Chimp. I am actually considering using it to create a NobesNotes newsletter soon, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. With Mail Chimp, a user is able to create and distribute newsletters to a list of contacts created by the user. Many templates are provided or you can create your own, and it walks you through the entire process of creating a new piece. I must be old school, because I love receiving newsletters from companies, so it is interesting to see how some may be made.


While writing this post, I realized there are so many tools that I have started using to make my life easier, that there needs to be a part two. So, stay tuned in the coming weeks for Part Two of Tools of the Trade and send me your tool suggestions in the meantime.


Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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