Wandering Waterloo

Yet another adventure has come and gone this past weekend for myself and Jake, but this time, it was not an area we have ever thought of exploring. We went to Waterloo.

At 3:00pm yesterday, Jake had an interview with a welding company in St. Clements, Ontario. You probably have no idea where that is, and neither did I! So I did a good old Google search and discovered that St. Clements is a tiny little town about 30 minutes North of Kitchener/Waterloo. And by tiny I mean a population of 1,200 and the first result that popped up on Google was an article about how the town was getting a grocery store. Wow.

Determined to not make any unjust judgements, we set out on a mission to explore the area before his interview.

Because St. Clements is approximately 3.5 hours from Belleville, we decided that instead of braving the Toronto-Monday-Morning-Get-Out-of-my-Way traffic, we would use our available resources and stay in Brampton for the night. And by available resources, I of course mean my awesome family who lives there. So, equipped with beer and flowers for thank you gifts, our packed bags and our sense of adventure we headed to Brampton, ready to tackle the 1.5 hours of driving ahead of us the next day.

I must admit, I have never actually been West of Toronto. So needless to say, this adventure was one of the most exciting we’ve been on.

When we finally reached Kitchener, we were ready for some records. Our first stop was Encore Records in Kitchener. The shop was pretty cool with posters on the walls and music playing while we shopped, but the stock was mainly CD’s, to which Jake was not so fond of. So on we carried to Waterloo to visit Orange Monkey Records. This store was a great find and was piled high with records of all genres, but mainly re-pressings, so Jake was only interested in a select few.

For the rest of our mid-morning it was off to look at some townhouses/condos/apartments/I don’t want to end up living out of our cars. Because the area is 3.5 hours away from us here in Belleville, we didn’t want to have to make a mad dash to find a place to live if he does get the job and scoped out some places beforehand. After a couple of gross tours and a couple promising ones, we decided it was time to head towards St. Clements.

On the way, we stopped at a small mennonite town called St. Jacobs. This town has a massive place called Max’s Sports World where they have golf, mini golf, a driving range, bubble soccer, an arcade and a sports dome. We didn’t have the time to go here, but it is definitely worth another trip back. Instead, we explored around the St. Jacobs Antique Market with over 100 vendors. To calm our grumbling tummies before heading to the interview, we split a small poutine at the chip “truck” in the parking lot that was actually a boat! Such friendly staff both here and at the market. I really fell in love with St. Jacobs (maybe it’s in the name), but we had to be getting on our way to St. Clements.

After Jake’s interview (which went fairly smoothly), we were ready for some real food. We did our research and found a fun sounding restaurant near us – Moose Winooski’s. Doesn’t that sound fun? More than just fun, it was delicious and the atmosphere was great. Their slogan is “Uniquely Canadian” and I really did feel like I was at a cottage with the decor. Unfortunately, there are only two locations, one in Barrie and one in Kitchener, but I am hoping the chain gains momentum and expands. After filling our tummies, we said goodbye to our possible future home and headed back to our real home.

Although I thought Waterloo was gorgeous, charming and full of fun things to do, I can’t say I was sold on moving. I don’t think I like the idea of living somewhere that is not near the water. I sound pretentious and naive, but I have just been blessed to be near the Bay of Quinte for so long. Only time will tell the future, and as corny as it is, as long as I’m with Jake I think I’ll be alright.


Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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