Tools of the Trade: Part Two

As promised, here is the part two of Tools of the Trade. This is your look into some of the online tools I have discovered during my schooling and internship that make my life considerably easier when it comes to technology.


06/Google Account

All through College, I heard the same schpeel about how amazing Google Drive, Gmail and Google Sheets are, but I was never shown how to create and use my own account. Having a Samsung phone, it is kind of hard to believe that I did not manage my Google account earlier, because all Samsung phones use only Google applications. It was not until I started interning with Bay of Quinte Tourism that I needed to use my account. All office document sharing and communication happens through Google accounts, so I learned quickly the importance of the application. I now love my Google account so much, that I have just recently deleted my Hotmail account in favour of using my Gmail as my only email.


Corresponding nicely with my mention of Google accounts, Mixmax is a productivity suite that is a Google Chrome extension for Gmail. The suite lets you track the opening, clicks and downloads of an email you have sent, book meetings instantly with a built in scheduler, create templates and even send gifs in conversation. I love Mixmax because it takes the guessing out of whether or not someone has read your email without asking for a read receipt, and also tells you how many times that person has looked back at your email before actually responding. A cool feature of the application as well is that you can schedule an email to be sent. So rather than finding an awesome job post at 2:30am and sending an email right then to the company with a date stamp telling them you are a night owl, you can compose the email on the spot and schedule it to send at 8am, telling them you are an invested early riser.


Of course I have to give a shout out the application that enables me to create my blogs every week. I started using WordPress in February this year to create NobesNotes and loved the ease and simplicity that the website offered. When I started my Bay of Quinte Tourism internship, I was somewhat surprised to find that the organization uses WordPress for their website host as well. This being the case, I have been able to find even more features the website offers on their paid site version. I recommend it for businesses and bloggers alike.


Ah, the allure of a beautiful photo. In the business world, it is really hard to find images that don’t have copyrights and are able to be used for a company without permission or costing anything. These images are called stock images. You have seen some bad ones without even knowing it maybe. Those corny, awful images of people pretending to do an activity for a photo and they look so staged. Flickr is a common website to find stock photos, but I find those photos very generic and bland. Unsplash, however, is a fantastic stock photo website. The pictures are gorgeous and professional. Although the database may not be as big as it could be, the quality is fantastic.


Last but not least, Canva is a great tool for graphics. Although I do love Adobe Photoshop and InDesign for editing and creating graphics, I only have the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for a few more months before I graduate, because it was a part of my tuition from Durham College. After the subscription runs out, it is actually very expensive to purchase your own Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. A cheap and easy alternative is Canva. Canva is a website that provides the option of several graphic templates or the ability to create your own, and offers a variety of fonts, graphics and additions for either free or $1.00 each. I always opt for the free options because I am cheap that way, but they are absolutely a great tool. All of my blog header images are made using Canva.


And there it is, part two of my tools of the trade. If I happen to come across more as I go, I will always keep expanding the list but for now, those are the tricks and tools I use to stay on my feet in the ever changing and confusing world of technology and PR.


Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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