It should come as no surprise that directly after my family, Jake is the next biggest influence in my life.

Jake and I actually met in grade three when his mom, Donna, boarded their horse, Crystal, at my parent’s farm. I knew Jake from school at that point as well, because I had attended Susanna Moodie Elementary School for just one year, in grade three. I thought Jake was shy and weird and I didn’t talk to him much, but saw him at my house visiting the horse every once and awhile.

After I left Susanna Moodie to go to Foxboro Public School, I didn’t really see Jake again until in grade eight I was interested in a boy who played soccer. One night, I went to one of his games with my friend Amber, and I tried to convince her to like the goalie of the team, who happened to be Jake. Thankfully, that plan didn’t work out.

Fast forward to high school, and in my first period math class of grade nine, Jake sat behind me. We teased each other and joked and had fun, but the strangest part was that almost every day he asked to borrow a pencil. This became an ongoing joke between us and I always brought him an extra pencil. Little did I know, that was actually a plan just to talk to me. Sneaky devil.

In February of grade nine, Jake and I started dating (my valentines day gift from him was him asking me to be his girlfriend). Much to the dismay of his family, we were inseparable. We had our little drama here and there as high school relationships do, but we got through it all and have experienced many milestones together including getting our licenses, becoming adults, being legal age to drink, prom, grad, sports accomplishments, college and more.

Check out more about who Jake is…


Lumber Yard at Rona Belleville (hopefully not much longer)

Favourite Activity to do Together:
Go to antique shops or record shops and travelling.

Favourite Colour:

Best Memory:
There are way too many, but I think him asking for a pencil every day just to talk to me qualifies as one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard.


It’s hard to imagine that Jake and I have been together for almost five and a half years, but it’s even harder to imagine not having him around for the rest of my life. All through high school, we heard everyone say how high school relationships don’t work out, and how we probably won’t be together long, but we stood the test of time and here we are today, still going strong.

It may have been pretty predictable, but of course Jake is a major part of my team of supporters because he has been there through way too many hard decisions.


Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes


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