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Lately, I have been trying my hand at being self employed. Although I am still working at Reid’s Dairy, I am also trying to get into the Public Relations Field as I wait for graduation and while I put feelers out at companies, I am doing some independent work. One of my independent jobs, is for Bay of Quinte Tourism’s upcoming Antiques Trail. So today, I was getting paid to shop for antiques.

Stop 01/Fuel
First stop of the day was for some fuel to get me through the rainy day, from Starbucks. It seems only natural seeing as my favourite drink, the Pumpkin Spice Latte, has recently returned. So with PSL in hand and determination to get antiquing, I was on my way to start the day.

Stop 02/Old Forge Antiques
The first antique stop of the day was at Old Forge Antiques on Highway 62 North, just before Ivanhoe. I have always drove by this place on my way North and wanted to stop, so today was definitely an excuse to. And I was not disappointed. The owner, Jerry, was a welcoming man who was more than happy to chat while I browsed his rooms of items. Ladders, picture frames, hooks and more, there was loads of stuff to choose from at this stop. In the back of the building, there is an old blacksmith shop that now has antique tools for sale. The stories he has to tell made the experience that much better. Be careful though, it will sneak up on you on a busy highway, so take caution when stopping!

Stop 03/A Little Piece of Heather
After starting out on such a good note with Jerry at Old Forge, I was ready to keep going North. Shortly down the road, I spotted an open sign at A Little Piece of Heather and pulled in. This is where I made my first purchase of the day, after I saw an old hanging basket out front that reminded me of an old egg basket. Because I am moving into my first apartment soon, I am way too excited to start decorating with antiques. Inside, the shop held several trinkets and jewlery that were beautiful as well.

Stop 04/Black River Antiques
After paying for my hanging basket, I was on my way once again. Just before getting into Madoc, I came upon Black River Antiques. This spot has 3 indoor buildings to browse and a stray (but friendly) cat was wandering around with me the whole time. Needless to stay, the cat gave me a good feeling about the stop. There were old kitchen supplies, tools and furniture everywhere. If I drove a truck, I would have left there with an empty wallet. But due to lack of space, I refrained and continued on my way. 

Stop 05/Hidden Goldmine Bakery
It was time for a bathroom and snack break by the time I got to Madoc! I love going to the Hidden Goldmine Bakery every time I am in the area. The smell of fresh baked cookies and soup is intoxicating when you open the door, and the decor is adorable. I limited myself to getting some fresh bread, browsed the new-style antiques, used the washroom and hit the road once again. 

Stop 06/Jillian’s Antiques & Things
This stop was the most anticipated of the whole trip. I have been to Jillian’s Antiques before but did not have time to browse, so I was anxious to get the chance to explore more. And it just so happens, my second purchase was made here. I have always loved old wooden ladders, ever since I was little, my mom would paint them and put plants on each of the steps. I knew a full size ladder would be too big for our small apartment, but at Jillian’s I found a small, 3 step wooden ladder that I am very excited to paint and put succulents on. 

Stop 07/Mag’s Landing
After so much excitement from my ladder purchase, it was time for another pit stop at a place called Mag’s Landing in Marmora, where there is a beautiful trail and picnic tables by the Crowe River. Jake always laughs at me and says if there is water nearby, I will find it and go sit by it, and it turns out he’s right! I love just sitting by the water. So I relaxed for some time and then made my way to my last stop of the day.

Stop 08/Peacock Antiques
By now, it was raining pretty hard, but I didn’t let the weather discourage me. I made my way to my last stop at Peacock Antiques in Marmora. I had the opportunity to talk with Mrs. Peacock herself, who as it turns out, is Jillian from Jillian’s Antiques and Things ex-mother-in-law. Small world in Marmora! Although Peacock Antiques had more depression glass and jewlery than I liked, it has all the right antiques for the right kind of person. 

Overall, I think I am going to like this self-employed part of my life. Of course, I know I will need to work part time as well on the side as I start out, but I like that doing independent work keeps my skills sharp and I get to do things I love (like antique shopping) and get paid for it.

Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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