It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,
Toys in every store,
But the prettiest sight to see is the holly that will be
On your own front door.

Isn’t Christmas just the most wonderful time of year? I know it is only November, but Christmas lovers like myself decorate as early as November 1st! But Christmas decorating can get expensive, especially when it is your first Christmas in your own place, so you will need some tips to keep this holiday jolly!

Well, it has finally come. My first Christmas in my own apartment! Although I love being at home for the holidays with family, there is so much excitement in getting your own tree, picking out your own decorations and deciding where everything goes. But that can get very costly if you don’t have some tricks to save. Here is how I have managed to not break the bank while decorating this year.

01/ The Dollar Store
Although I wouldn’t recommend buying your groceries or life necessities from the Dollar Store, when it comes to decorations and Christmas items I hardly shop anywhere else. They always have a massive selection to choose from, a lot of cute pieces and items to help you DIY.

02/ DIY Until You Die
It may be easier to just buy something already made and assembled from Walmart for a decoration, but it is always more expensive. Instead, combine the last tip and this one and shop at the Dollar Store for cheap materials to make your own decorations. For example, why buy already decorated stockings for $20.00 and more when you can buy stockings for $2.00 each at the Dollar Store and decorate them yourselves? This is not only cheaper, but it is a more personalized decoration and kids especially love decorating their own stockings.

03/ Re-Use Old Decorations
Rather than throwing everything you own into a closet because it is not “Christmas-y” enough and putting out new decorations, re-model your every day decorations to fit the holiday theme. For example, I have an old, wire basket that I bought at an antique store to decorate for a kitchen table centrepiece. During the fall, I filled the basket with pumpkins, gourds and decorative gourds. For Christmas, however, I simply emptied the (rotting) fruits from the basket and redecorated with fake snow, some Dollar Store small present boxes and a sparkly wire tree and VIOLA- what was old is new.

04/ Avoid Pricey Services You Can Do Yourself
Every year I see more and more advertisements from people who happen to have a fancy, expensive camera with no photography background claiming to be professional photographers and charging an arm and a leg for their photo services. Seriously though, why are photographers so expensive?! Skip the hassle of trying to justify hefty prices for pretty pictures this year and take your own photos! Phones these days have such high tech cameras in them that you can get gorgeous shots just using your smartphone. For my photos of my kitty, I just draped a blanket over the back of the couch, sat my half asleep kitty on a pillow, grabbed a Dollar Store Santa to put beside him and snapped some photos. A little tip: animals are like babies, they are the easiest to photograph when they are half asleep/asleep. For people, you can buy cheap phone tripods from Walmart, grab your friends, family or significant other, get dolled up, head outside or to a blank wall, set up some decorations if you want (you can always Google Christmas photos to get ideas), and snap away.

05/ Opt For a Fake Tree
Growing up, my family ALWAYS got a real Christmas tree. I loved going to pick it out, setting it up, decorating it and smelling the scent of pine for the whole month. I didn’t, however, like the hefty price tag that tree farmers slap on the trees for Christmas. Lately, you can pay upwards of $50.00 for a decent Christmas tree. I also didn’t like having to water it every day, but that’s another issue. So, when Jake and I started decorating for Christmas, we got a fake Christmas tree. You pay a usually cheaper price than real trees to begin with, you only pay that price once not every year and many fake trees come with the lights attached so you don’t have to buy lights as well. Although I will miss the scent of pine in the apartment, you can always buy candles that smell like Christmas trees and light them for the same effect.

With the price of presents, travelling and cooking during the Holiday season, you have enough to worry about spending money on. So why not follow these tips and save yourself some money on decorations?

Merry Christmas and until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

One thought on “It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas…

  1. Angela Nobes says:

    I thought watering the Christmas tree was your favorite thing to do every morning & night???? Is this why they died every year!!!! LOL

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