What the Falls?

This past weekend I finally took my first trip to Niagara Falls (that I can remember at least) thanks to my amazing parents. They gave me the trip as a graduation present so Jake, my Mom, my Dad and I packed our bags, met at a car pool and were on our way to The Falls.

Those two stressful years spent in College turned out to be worth it, if not only for this amazing trip as a graduation gift. I have always wanted to go see Niagara Falls and I finally was able to and got to share the trip with my favourite people in the world. We spent two jam packed days at The Falls and by the end, decided that we would have to return again in the summer. Check out what we filled our days of exploring with!

Day One/Hello Falls!

By far this was the most jam-packed day. We set out early from Kitchener to meet my parents in Burlington as it was the intersecting point since they were coming from Belleville. We left my car overnight and the four of us headed to The Falls. We finally arrived at our hotel and checked in. We were staying at The Oakes Hotel Overlooking The Falls which, as the name would suggest, overlooks the beautiful falls right from every room window. We were staying on the ninth floor so we were able to see the falls the entire trip, no matter what.

After we settled into the hotel, we were off to get the best view of The Falls in the city from the SkyWheel. The SkyWheel is a ferris wheel type structure that has individual pods that each group sits in as the wheel spins four times around, while a recording is playing facts about the Falls.

We decided to take the long way back from Clifton Hill to explore the Festival of Lights. This light show is on for the Christmas season and lines The Falls’ path and trails with Christmas light displays. There may not have been snow, but the journey was still quite chilly.

When we got back at the hotel, we warmed up, had a swim and lounged in the hotel pool and hot tub. From there, we headed to the room to get ready for a night on the town. Where to? The Fallsview Casino, just minutes from our hotel. While leaving the hotel to walk to the Casino, however, we heard noise and saw lights and realized that there was a cartoon video light display being shown on the front of our hotel so we stopped to watch the rain fall, the dragon slither around and the rain turn to ice. After the short show, we were on our way to the casino.

It was only my second time at a casino, but I was much luckier this time than the first. It was Jake’s first trip to a casino though, and he was unfortunately not as lucky. We stayed for hours, playing games, chatting, having dinner and enjoying each others company. By 1am, we were back in the hotel, falling asleep and getting ready to take on day two of our Niagara Falls adventure.

Day Two/Goodbye Falls!

It is always sad when something you have waited so long for, goes by so quickly. Getting a mere 5 hours sleep the night before, I made myself wake up on Sunday at 6:00am to watch the sunrise over The Falls. Although it was very cloudy, making it difficult to see the sunrise, I was still amazed by the beauty and wonder of it all. I definitely recommend seeing the sight of the sun rising over the falls at least once in your life.

After a quick stop at Tim Hortons and a Christmas store my Mom and I had spied the day before, we were ready to check out of the hotel and walk right beside The Falls. After a breathtaking walk and some photo-ops, we set out for breakfast. I have always wanted to eat at IHOP and lucky for me, there were several near the hotel we were staying at. I have never had better crepes in my life, and the variety of maple syrups is amazing.

With full bellies, we set out to find a parking lot and explore Clifton Hill even more. Being the major tourist road at The Falls, each side is lined with shops, restaurants, hotels and fun experiences.

We first explored the Hershey store and eyed all of the delicious treats before walking through the Hard Rock Cafe and down to the street below. Niagara Brewery was one of our first stops, where you can purchase a growler for only $10.00 as well as a typical $10.00 bottle deposit fee. Extremely cheap for 64oz of pure craft beer excellence. Next, we were drawn to the fudge shop to watch workers make the fudge before our eyes. We treated ourselves to pieces of fudge and a couple of monstrous brownies.

For our last stop of the trip, we briefly tried our luck at the Niagara Casino and yet again my luck prevailed. Jake and I shared the machines this time, so we split the small but exciting winnings.

And then, it was back to Burlington we went so that each pair could be on their way to their homes. It was one of the most surreal experiences of my life, finally seeing the wondrous Falls and I can genuinely say that there is no one I would have rather explored with.

Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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