2016: The Year of Change

I feel torn. Lately, everything you see on the internet is about how bad of a year 2016 was. Several celebrities have died, wars have broken out, mass shootings and hardship all around the world. And I agree, all of those events were heart breaking and awful.

But personally, 2016 was the most amazing year for me yet.

For me, 2016 was a year full of change.

I started the year still in College, just about to start my first internship. From that internship, I gained several work samples and friendships that will last my whole life. I gained a valuable reference through my boss, who ended up being the reason I got my new career today.

I went on to make honour roll for the hardest semester of my College career and I travelled to Chicago, Illinois with my program to gain valuable insight from PR professionals there after spending months fundraising and planning for the trip.

I spent my whole summer at the most rewarding internship in my hometown while also working two jobs and Jake and I began to plan our lives.

The biggest change of 2016, of course, was our decision to move to Kitchener, Ontario for Jake’s new welding job. It was the most stressful and most rewarding last couple of months of the year.

I officially graduated my program, Jake started his career, we moved in together, we got a cat that we treat as our baby, I got a dream seasonal job at Chapters and then was offered a position at the Huntington Society of Canada’s National office in Kitchener at the end of December.

All in all, 2016 was a blessing that came in 5 for me:

01/New Pet
The first couple of months working random hours at my part time job and being stressed about finding a career were made so much easier with the help of Freddy. Our friendly, crazy, cuddly cat got me through some stressful times and I am thankful for her every day.

I completed 2 internships in 2016 that gave me amazing experience for my future in PR. My first internship with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northumberland made me realize how much I love the non-profit sector and the ability to give back to the community. My second internship with Bay of Quinte Tourism made me love my hometown that much more and further solidified my want to move back home some day.

03/Different Homes
I started 2016 living in Oshawa, Ontario for school with my Aunt and Uncle. Living here gave me an appreciation for larger city life compared to Belleville and how convenient it is to be able to order delivery! I started summer 2016 living in Belleville, Ontario with my parents once again to complete my second internship. I will be ending 2016 living in Kitchener, Ontario in my own apartment with Jake and Freddy.

04/Strong Family Members
2016 has been a crazy year for all four of my family members, but we all were able to remain strong through the stress. My sister, Marissa, signed another contract to work on her second Carnival Cruise Ship after a brief visit home. My brother, Rielly, still continues to confuse me with his plans and whereabouts because he was always all over the place, but remains “up north somewhere” at all times. He introduced his girlfriend, Dom, to the family this year and we couldn’t be happier for them. My parents became official empty nesters this year and although they seem to love the silence, I know it must be hard on them. They continue to be my lifeline in any situation, though, and it has been hard having them 3 hours away. Our family became stronger in 2016 and our love has never been greater.

05/Different Jobs
In 2016, I worked at 5 different jobs. Between Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northumberland, Jones Deslauriers Insurance Management Inc., Bay of Quinte Tourism, Reid’s Dairy and Chapters, I have gained valuable experience in time management and leadership. All of these jobs will shape my future career path and have made my resume much longer!

So, yes. 2016 took some amazing celebrities from the world, created chaos in various countries and broke hearts all over the world. But 2016 was also my year of change, hope and new beginnings. I hate all of the destruction this year held just as much as the next person, but I also love what it did for my life in particular.

So here is to 2016, the year full of change and destruction, and may 2017 bring even more change but a little less destruction.

Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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