Man, I Feel Like a Woman

I don’t know what it is about working 9 to 5 in an office, but it sure does make me want to get all pretty and feel like a woman every day.

I’ve never been a huge feminist, but when I get dolled up and put my heels on in the morning to go to work, I feel like a #GirlBoss all day long. I am fierce, strong and capable of doing my job and doing it well.

What you wear is directly related to how you feel. When you feel lazy, you wear sweatpants. When you feel active, you wear work out gear. But why not change it so you feel something based on what you’re wearing, rather than wear something based on what you’re feeling?

This is the practice I have been using since I started my new job and it has worked wonders. I could wake up feeling groggy, overtired and cranky, but when I dress to impress, do my make up and put on my heels, my mood shifts entirely and I feel like I can handle what the day has to offer. Here are just some of my tips for how to look better in order to feel better.



01/Dabble in Makeup
I will be the first to admit that I have never been good at makeup. When I first started wearing makeup, my eyeliner was thicker than my eye itself. Over the years, I’ve (thankfully) realized that less is more and started wearing only the basics: foundation, powder and mascara. If I was feeling fancy, I’d put on a nude eyeshadow. I know, call me crazy. But finally, I’ve realized that I don’t need to go over the top (re: eyeliner crisis of ’09) or only do the bare minimum. After Christmas I bought myself a ton of makeup and started watching tutorials online. Now, I feel super fierce every day when I put on my contoured, designed face.

02/Rock Those Heels
I used to hate heels. To be honest, I still don’t love some of them. Most of the time they are a pain to walk in (literally, the blisters don’t lie) and by the end of the day you are tripping over yourself in weakness. That was until I realized in order to wear heels you don’t need to wear stilettos. Thick heels and wedges are my best friends. They still make me feel fierce for being taller and I still get the satisfaction of the “click, click, click” down the hall, but my feet are still happily attached to my body at the end of the day. Find yourself a pair of comfy, cute heels that work for your foot needs and rock the hell out of them.

03/Your Attitude is Your Best Accessory
Sure, makeup, clothes and shoes can make you look like a million bucks, but if you are acting sour or rude, your outfit will be no help. Accessorize with your attitude and decide how you are going to be the best #GirlBoss you can be that day and your outfit will back that up.

04/Make Comfy Cute
Sometimes, you just don’t want to put on a cute outfit and smile your way through a lazy mood. And you don’t have to! Although I don’t recommend wearing sweat pants or pajamas to work whatsoever, you can still dress comfy in a cute way. When I am in a lazy mood, I grab my comfiest leggings, a loose tank top, a long cardigan and a big blanket scarf and then I still put on my heels because if you find the right ones, they can be your comfy shoes too. The heels and long cardigan dress up the outfit while the big blanket scarf provides the comfort you need to get through your day while still looking on-trend.

05/Do You
By no means will any of these steps 100% work for you. These are just the ways that I put on my best #GirlBoss exterior and strut my way through the week at work. Everyone has different style preferences and a different workplace atmosphere, but it is about finding what works for you and how to empower yourself every day to give it your best.

Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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