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Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Blog
Happy Birthday to You

That’s right, February 6, 2017 marked NobesNotes’ first birthday. They grow up so fast don’t they? What all started as a school project turned into a hobby, addiction and journal all in one.

I was so angry when my professor gave us the assignment to create a blog. It was the busiest semester already with massive presentations, a non-profit placement every week and working to line up a placement for the summer. I didn’t have time to create a blog, nor did I find it necessary because I would never use it again.

And that’s where I was wrong.

After writing my first post, I was hooked. I have always loved writing, so this was a way to write something every week that I was interested in and even dabble in design for photos, blog set up and layouts.

I will admit, at times I slip up and go weeks without posting. But that’s the beauty of the blog, even if I don’t post every week there is are still posts there from the past and I can always come back to it when inspiration hits. My blog is my diary, my autobiography, my release and even a professional tool.

If you’re interested in starting your own blog (and I highly recommend you do), here’s a couple of steps you could follow.



01/Decide on One Topic, a Couple of Topics or no Specific Topic!
Some bloggers are very specific, they only blog on a certain topic such as beauty, health or travel. Some have a handful of certain topics they cover and stick to them such as cooking, career advice and yoga. Other bloggers though, like me, cover a wide range of topics. Like it says in my intro, I’ve a little bit to say about a lot! Wherever inspiration strikes from, I write about it. You should decide what kind of style you would like your blog to be. But just because you pick a certain style doesn’t mean you need to stick to it forever! You can change it up every once and awhile.

02/Set a schedule
Has anyone else noticed that it seems like I mention scheduling and organization in every post somehow? Hmm. Seriously though, a schedule will be your best friend in maintaining a blog. It’s hard when you set a day of the week to post a blog and then all of a sudden that day rolls around and you have no idea what to write about! Your first step will be to brainstorm blog topics. Write down every thought that comes in your head and make blog topics out of it. Then, schedule one of those topics for your blog every week. Don’t worry, just because it is scheduled does not mean it is set in stone! If you have a blog about a recipe scheduled for Friday but then you go to a crazy, amazing hot yoga class on Thursday night, you can write about it instead! Go with the inspiration whenever you can.

03/Find Your Inspiration
It’s great to go with that inspiration when you have it in the moment, but how do you get that inspiration to hit you? You have to get out there and experience things. For myself, my blog created an excuse to travel and take a million pictures when I did. A large focus of my blog and a topic dear to my heart is the idea of being a tourist in your own town. Lucky for me, I’ve lived in three towns in one year, so I had plenty of excuses to tour each town. Whenever I would drag Jake on another tourist-like trip the excuse was always the same “It’s for my blog!”

04/Promote Your Posts
I will admit, I could be doing this a lot better. I could have separate social media accounts set up for NobesNotes, I could advertise my posts on my personal Twitter and Instagram rather than just Facebook, I could be paying for ads to get more attention, etc., etc., etc. And maybe one day I will advance to that type of promotion, but for the purpose of a “digital notepad to post my thoughts, feelings and opinions on all things current”, my promotion works just fine right now. But for yourself, you need to determine the purpose of your blog now and reevaluate it every once and awhile. Do you want a blog for just your friends and family to read, do you want to be internet famous or do you want to make money off of your blog?

05/Make it What You Want
In the end, your blog will always be YOUR blog. So you need to make it what you want it to be! You can change the theme every other day, continue a routine set of posts the rest of your life, make it public, make it private, make it funny or make it serious. Whatever you feel like writing, you should write. To me, writing is like therapy. I let the words spill out of my mind without thinking, I go back and edit my train of thought and I create a polished piece that I feel proud of. It is freeing to have your own outlet for thoughts and ideas.

I would be so happy to help you create your own blog if you are interested in starting one, it is so fun to start from scratch and decide someone’s brand. So please, if any of this information made you think “Yeah, I could do that!” Let me know. I would love to help you.

Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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