It Ain’t Over til it’s Clover

It may just be St. Patrick’s Day today, but I feel like I’m all Irish’ed out from my celebrations this past Sunday, March 12. No, I am not referring to an epic party of some sort. I am referring to the 5K I took part in.

Don’t worry, you read that right, no one has taken over my blog without me knowing… I participated for the Huntington Society of Canada, my new job. And like always, I dragged Jake with me.

I started fundraising near the end of January for the Achilles St. Patrick’s Day 5K with my co-workers. The event started and finished at Steam Whistle Brewery in Toronto. For participating in the race we received an Achilles event day t-shirt, a reusable bag (hello groceries!), our chip-timed bibs, an ice-cold beer and a hot bowl of Irish chilli.

Let’s be honest, I mainly did it for the chilli and the beer. And to fundraise for a good cause. But mainly for the chilli and the beer.

The lead up was exciting but the event day was even better. All of the energy and people dressed in green was so electric. I got to briefly meet some of our awesome volunteers and past staff members and enjoy a (freezing cold) scenic journey in downtown Toronto!

After sweating up a storm, downing some beer and slurping some chilli, Jake and I were still super hungry from the out of character burst of athleticism so we did what we do best: eat more.

We grabbed lunch at the Spaghetti Factory in Toronto because it is my FAVOURITE and I will make any excuse to go there. As usual, we had to take most of our food to go because the portions are so massive, which meant no need to make dinner later on!

We made our way back to Kitchener to rest before starting our weeks but both agreed on a new resolution. Participating in the 5K took way too much out of us than it should have, so we have decided to both start going to the gym in our apartment 3 times a week to start off, and more as we get more comfortable with how it fits into our schedules.

Although I feel like my St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone because of my pre-celebrations, I do wish you the merriest of days full of laughter and green beer.


Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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