Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

I feel like Jake would be so proud of me for starting a post with David Bowie lyrics. But what he doesn’t know, is that I only know this song because of Lindsay Lohan’s movie Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen.

But no matter how I know the song, man, is it ever applicable to me right now. Let’s look at the changes in the past year of my life shall we?

A couple of weeks ago at work I had this extremely annoying eye twitch going on and I immediately associated it with not drinking enough water. When I mentioned it casually to my boss, however, she said it was most likely due to stress. No matter how much I insisted that I was not feeling stressed at all, she explained to me that my body may know I am stressed before my brain does and that it is not just workload that effects stress, but all aspects of your life. She showed me the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale. This scale lists various things that could cause stress in your life and by checking yes or no to the things that have happened in the past 1 year, it determines your stress level. The highest level of stress is a score of 300+ and when I took the test, I scored 610.

So yeah, maybe I’m stressed. And here’s some of the things that have happened in the last year to make it that way according to the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale life events.

01/Begin or End School/College
In October, 2016 I officially graduated Durham College’s Public Relations Advanced Diploma program. On one hand, it was a huge accomplishment and a big stress-reliever. But at the same time, it was a huge change in my life. After going to school for the majority of my life I was all of a sudden done with that chapter and needing to find something else to do.

02/Change to a Different Line of Work
Which brings us to the next stressful event. All of my previous jobs have been part-time, customer service positions to help me get through various stages of schooling. When I was hired at the Huntington Society of Canada, however, this was a big shift in line of work. I am now responsible every day for content and material that actually matters in peoples lives, above what their lunch order is.

03/Change in Financial State
Although the change in financial state is for the better because of a new full-time job, it is still a stressful change nonetheless. Especially for a girl like me who is awful at saving money, it adds a stress of regularly maintaining a budget to my plate. And of course, with more money comes more expenses that I had never encountered during my part time jobs.

04/Change in Residence
The biggest expense of all being a monthly rent payment. In October 2016, Jake and I finally moved into our own apartment together. I am over the moon excited about this change still and it has been over 5 months now. But with such a move comes more responsibility and worries concerning our bills, belongings, maintenance, etc.

05/A Moderate Loan or Mortgage
To add the cherry on top, my car recently gave up on me in February. Not only did that cause stress of diagnosing the problems, but when we found out that it was cost prohibitive for us to fix it, it was time to go car shopping. Realizing that my only two cars I have bought were both only a couple thousand dollars each and lasted me two years each, it was time to get a safer, more reliable car that would stay working in the long run. I now proudly own a 2014 Turquoise Honda Fit (to match the colours of my blog of course), but it has added money and responsibility stress on top of my every day worries as well.

So, maybe my boss was right. Maybe the eye twitching was my body’s way of telling me to stop dealing with so many changes. But as much as I may twitch my eye, complain or get stressed, I love the life I am living now. If you had asked me one year ago if I would expect this many changes in my life, I would have said you are crazy. But if you asked me one year ago if I would do anything to be with Jake, start a life together and begin my career, I would have said yes a thousand times over.

If you take the Holmes and Rahe Stress test, comment your scores below! It would be interesting to see how you all do.

Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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