May I introduce you to the love of my life. No, not Jake.


Yes, my cat.

For those of you don’t know, I am obsessed with felines. My feline in particular. Freddy is mine and Jake’s gorgeous, 7 month old tabby cat.

Ever since I was little, we have had cats on our farm property in Belleville. Our cat, Betsy, has had several litters over her lifetime and I would always have the responsibility of making the kittens socialized and friendly so that we could give them away for free to people who wanted a kitten. Of all my jobs in my entire life, this will always be the best one. Cuddling 5+ kittens at one time just to bless other people with the happiness that comes with a cat? Yeah, I guess I’ll do it.

Right before Jake and I moved, I was feeling pretty bummed. I had already been a whole month without Jake, I was packing up my whole life and saying goodbye to all of my friends and family to move to Kitchener. I remembered how sad I was when I went to college and there were no animals where I was living. How was I going to do that all over again and this time with nothing to do without having a job yet?

For those of you who don’t know, barn cats are naturally scared and skittish. They aren’t familiar with people and therefore do not like them. So you can imagine my surprise when anytime someone would go to the barn, this tiny kitten would come running out purring and want all of the attention from people. I fell in love instantly.

And so Jake and I got a new roommate for our Kitchener apartment. Freddy had her shots, we found out that he was a she, kept her name and couldn’t love her more.

She is the most spoiled cat in the world with cuddles and toys whenever she decides she wants them. Over Christmas, she would constantly climb our Christmas tree to see out the window over the balcony railing so when we took the tree down, I knew she needed something to climb to still see out. I asked my Dad to just bring a branch from the farm to lean up against the wall for her to climb. When my Dad came to Kitchener, he brought a full piece of a tree with branches sticking out of it and pieces of wood for a base, top platform and steps.


She really is the luckiest cat.

She has a sassy personality like all cats but is so smart it’s ridiculous and is too active and playful for her own good. When I have an awful day at work, I am feeling sad or just can’t sleep I know she is always there to cuddle me.

Do you have a feline friend that you adore? I honestly want to hear about them in the comments below!

Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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