2017: Look Back at It

So far, 2017 has been my favourite year. Lots of changes happened, but all the good changes that you hope will happen at some point in your life!

Career, relationship status and family changes. Travelling, new friends and old.

All in all, 2017 will be the year I look back at and think of as the year that changed it all.

01/Getting Engaged!
Of course, the biggest moment of 2017 for me was getting engaged to my very best friend! I had won a photoshoot back in February and scheduled it for October with the photographers. A month before the shoot date, Jake contacted them privately to let them know of his plan to propose. During our beautiful photos in Bruce Peninsula National Park, Jake got down on one knee and finally asked me to marry him! Shocker – I said YES!

02/Career Changes
In January 2017 I started my first official big girl job out of college at the Huntington Society of Canada as the National Events and Chapter Development Assistant. Through this job, I got to meet a lot of amazing families and individuals and travelled to lots of exciting places and events. But when the Communications Coordinator position opened up in September, I knew I needed to apply. Thankfully, I got the job! Not only was this change a promotion from an assistant position to a coordinator one, it was also a full time opportunity instead of just contract, I received a raise and several other benefits. And best of all, it is exactly in my field. I had no idea you could love going to work so much every day!

Not only did I do a lot of travelling to places I have previously been in 2017, I got discover some new places too! I went to Windsor, Owen Sound, Blue Mountain and Tobermory for the first time. More notably, I finally got to visit the East Coast when I travelled to Halifax, Nova Scotia for a weekend for work in September. This trip was a lot of firsts for me: first work trip, first time on the East Coast, first flight alone, first time renting a car… This trip has me now so excited to return one day and maybe even make a home there with Jake in the future!

04/New Family Additions
I finally got to meet my sister’s boyfriend from the cruise ships, Jacques, this year. Jake and I instantly got along with him and the 4 of us were almost inseparable during their visit home between cruises! We also got to celebrate my brother getting engaged to his wonderful fiancee, Dom! It has been so fun to have someone to share wedding planning thoughts with and I can’t wait to gain another sister in 2018!

05/Family Change
In November, my parents finally sold my childhood home that we had lived in since 2004. The longest I had lived in one house! For good reason, though, as they are buying a fishing lodge in Temagami, Ontario. They are finally following their dream to own their own business. Even more exciting, Rielly and Dom will be joining them in the business as they have worked at fishing lodges before! I am excited to start helping them with all of their communications needs… It is my expertise after all!

What a year. So many changes in all aspects of my life have happened in 2017, but even more changes are to come in 2018 (including some to this very blog!).

Here is to 2017 and all of the exciting, scary moments it brought.

Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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