Stay Creative Box Reveal & Review

Subscription boxes. They are all the rage right now… You’ve probably seen FabFitFun, BarkBox or another box advertised on your social media at one point in time.

Nowadays there is a subscription box for all interests like sewing, vinyl records and book clubs. And there is a box for everyone including men, women, parents, teens, children, pets. You can find a full list of subscription boxes and reviews on My Subscription Addiction.

I finally jumped on the band wagon and tried out a subscription box – the Stay Creative Box.

I first heard of the Stay Creative box on Twitter when an old friend from College had mentioned it. I looked into it, saw that it was owned and operated by the Bloggers of Canada and loved the description: curated products for female bloggers, influencers and entrepreneurs. So I signed up for the January box only, just to see if I would like it before I committed to a full year subscription.

For a single box, it is $49.99 plus shipping. They ship anywhere in Canada but Canada only. They are based out of Ottawa, Ontario. It really appealed to me that the majority of products are Canadian made too.

So on Thursday, I received my January box – and I loved it!

*all blacked out marks on photos are to hide sensitive information or download codes*


Checking my mail on Thursday and seeing a box got me excited… Seeing the adorable branding on the outside of the package too? I was dying to open it!

The first thing you see when you open the box is a cute intro page to the box. Once removed, you see a beautiful array of items – all useful! Here’s what was in my January Stay Creative box…

01/Canadian Maple Tea from Pluck Tea


The box describe this tea as: “Made with real maple syrup and blended and packaged right here in our great country, this tea is the perfect way to end or start your day.”

I saw a few sneak peeks and this was my most anticipated item – I love maple everything! I immediately opened the bag to smell the maple goodness… To me, it smells a little more like black liquorice so I am wary of trying it, but will try it anyways! If it takes like black liquorice, I know Jake’s Mom would love to take it off my hands.

02/Birthday Cake Bath Bomb from Holly Berry


The box describes this bath bomb as: “This bath bomb will seriously make you want to eat it for dessert… but please don’t! It may not taste as good as it smells.”

If you love bath bombs like I do, you probably asked for them for Christmas. You probably also received some… and have already used all of them. I was super excited to see this amidst all of the creative items because in order to be creative, you need to recharge with a nice bath of course!

03/Grow Your Network Course by Chelsea from HerPaperRoute

26853159_1228111860666228_1936290095_o (1)

The box describes this course as: “This course offers so much. From creating an effective email marketing strategy to FINALLY understanding SEO, this course will truly help you to get to that next level.”

I am uber excited for this. I especially like how they say “FINALLY understanding SEO” because how true is that? Raise your hand if you pretend to know what SEO is when asked without actually having a clue. Exactly.

04/Weekly Desk Planner by the Creative Spark Shop


The box describes this planner as: “For jotting down notes and planning out your week, all creators need this by their side.”

Warning: I went to Creative Spark Shop’s page to get the link for their Etsy shop and I got STUCK. So many adorable stationery items! Also – future moms or current moms? So many cute prints!! I love stationery so this will be a great addition to my work space!

05/Bloggers Bundle Stock Photos by Urban Design Company


The box describes this photo bundle as: “Beautiful stock photos created for you to make over your blog and beautify your social media.”

Who doesn’t love a beautifully staged stock photo? She has some real gorgeous ones too… Here are 2 samples from the pack of 25:

Gorgeous, right?!

06/LoveHandle Grip by LoveHandles


The box describes this as: “Whether you are going live on Instagram, taking selfies or shooting product photos, this handy little grip just made your life a whole lot easier.”

Have you heard of PopSockets? They are the latest phone accessory trend to stick on the back of your phone and hold from the back. I had been thinking of getting one before I received this handle in my subscription box… The handle works amazing too and is handy (haha, oh puns) to keep a grip on my phone!

07/Hustle Wood Banner by Spring Meadow Co


The box describes this as: “Specially created for this subscription box, this wood banner is the perfect addition to your workplace.”

Since I moved into my new office in October, I have been all about office decor and making the space my own so bring on all the cute, trendy signs you can!

08/Pineapple Sticky Notes by Hi Love Greetings


The box describes these notes as: “For the 101 fantastic ideas and things to do that you always have going through your head.”

Who doesn’t love stationary? Who doesn’t love pineapples? Actually… why is everyone obsessed with pineapples lately? I don’t know and don’t care because they are the fiercest fruit of all! And tasty too.

09/Winter Confetti by Pomtree


The box describes this as: “Who doesn’t love confetti?”

Well, the box is right. Plus confetti is great for flat lays… Nobesnotes has never done any flat lays but since this confetti is even in the Nobesnotes blue colours, I suppose it’s time to give it a go! Stay tuned for that.

10/A Cute Mug


The box says: “Start and end your day with a hot beverage in a cute mug.”

Just as an added little goodie, because everyone knows bloggers need #fuel.

Overall, I loved my Stay Creative box even more than I knew I would (yes – I peeked at spoilers… A LOT). I will definitely be renewing my subscription, so this may become a quarterly “Stay Creative Reveal & Review”!

Now excuse me while I go channel my inner #ladyboss with all of these adorable new products of mine.

Until next time,

Tiffany Nobes

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