A Mini Honeymoon with Mega Amounts of Love

Well, I am finally settling back into normal routine and normal life since the wedding! Jake and I got married on Saturday, September 29 this year and it was beyond amazing (don’t worry, a blog post about the whole thing is coming up soon!) but also beyond exhausting. Jake and I took the Thursday and Friday before and the Monday after off of work to prepare and recuperate, then worked the following Tuesday to Thursday. And after working that Tuesday to Thursday, I totally understand why people take honeymoons right after their wedding now!

But Jake and I had too many fun adventures throughout 2017 that took up all our vacation time, so we opted to do a “mini-honeymoon” on the weekend after the wedding and will do a full honeymoon next year!

Picking the destination for our mini-honeymoon was easy. In 2017, Jake and I went on a little road trip to Tobermory, ON on Thanksgiving weekend for a photoshoot we had scheduled on the Thanksgiving Monday. We took the long way, stopping in towns along the way including Blue Mountain and Owen Sound. During the photoshoot is when Jake proposed to me (and I obviously said yes!). So it was just meant to be that the weekend after our wedding was also Thanksgiving weekend in 2018, so we returned to Tobermory, still taking the long way and stopping in towns along the way, but a different route this time…

Friday, October 5 / Kincardine, ON

We packed our bags and were out the door around 3pm on the 5th, after both working for the morning. By the time Friday came, we were so ready to get going. We took beautiful backcountry roads through St. Jacobs and Listowel to get to our first destination – Kincardine, ON. On the way we had lots of laughs, saw all types of farms, some windmills and right before we entered into Kincardine, we saw a cheese factory. Growing up in Belleville where there were so many cheese factories within driving distance and then coming to Kitchener where there is hardly any, this was a mandatory stop. We loaded up with curd and some strawberry milk in a glass bottle and continued on our way to our hotel.

We stayed at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Kincardine. While I was checking in, Jake was parking the car and the woman at the front desk asked if I was staying at the hotel alone. I said no, my husband was parking the car and immediately laughed, saying that was the first time I referred to him as my husband. I explained to the woman that it was our mini-honeymoon that we were on. The very kind woman at the hotel upgraded us to the Presidential Suite when she learned it was our honeymoon! The suite had a living area separate from the bedroom with a balcony. We quickly headed straight to the pool and hot tub to wind down before dinner.

For dinner, we had done our research and found a great looking pub downtown called Hawg’s Breath. It was a cute little pub with their menus written on boards on the walls and had the most delicious beef brisket I’ve had. Jake’s pulled pork was delicious as well! We ended the first day with a stop to the grocery store for some snacks and ice cream and curled up in bed with fancy ice cream and good TV.

Saturday, October 6 / Port Elgin, ON

On Saturday we woke up ready to get the weekend started with adventures! We had the complimentary hotel breakfast and then headed down to the water in Kincardine to fill us with energy before we kept travelling. We didn’t get a chance to go down to the water the night before because it was dark. The water of Lake Huron was so stunning: bright blue and crystal clear. Jake tried to (unsuccessfully) teach me how to skip rocks before we kept going on our way.

Our next stop was going to be Port Elgin, but on our way we saw signs for the Tiverton Fall Fair and knew we had to stop! We found the fairgrounds and parked the car, paid the entrance fee and immediately felt like we were welcomed home with all the smiles and “hellos” of everyone we passed. We took a look through the poultry barn before going to look at all the entered exhibits in the main hall, while it poured rain outside. By the time we finished looking at the exhibits the rain had let up just enough for us to get to our car to keep going.

We then went to Smiths’ Apples and Farm Market in Port Elgin to share an apple cider and a mini pumpkin pie. We didn’t want to be travelling around with a big bushel, though, so didn’t buy any apples at the market.

Our next stop was a little past Port Elgin at the Southampton Market. This fun market was full of outlet market shopping and Mennonite furniture. We explored their full 2 acres of building with 2 floors and had lots of great, hopeful talks about our future home while looking at the furniture. There were so many fun, quirky products and lots of great deals. I was able to resist buying anything and Jake just bought a couple of small tools for work.

We then headed back to Port Elgin to check into the Super 8 hotel. We headed down to the pool and hot tub (of course) before heading back to the room to nap (I know, we’re lots of fun) before our late night ahead of us. Around 8pm, we walked over to the Boston Pizza beside our hotel to get a table in the bar to watch the McGregor vs. Khabib UFC fight. Jake loves watching UFC and I had never watched it with him but knew he wanted to go so we did. I ended up really loving it, and correctly called a lot of the fight results in the first half of the fights! After a crazy fight and an electric atmosphere of people cheering on the fights, we went back to the room shortly after midnight.

Sunday, October 7 / Tobermory, ON

After sleeping in a little bit after the late night before, we got ourselves breakfast at the Super 8 hotel before packing the car up again for the last leg of our trip to our final destination: Tobermory.

On the way, we stopped in Wiarton to see our amazing photographers, Alli and Jared of Sage and Sea Co., who did our engagement photoshoot in 2017 and came all the way to Belleville to shoot our wedding for us too. We wanted to drop them off a card we forgot to give them at the wedding and say hello. We met their adorable puppy and checked out their incredible little home that they built themselves. We reminisced about last year and our wedding day, before we headed out and were sent off with some of Smiths’ Apples after we mentioned we didn’t actually get apples at the Market and they happened to have some (delicious, by the way!)

We kept our journey going to Tobermory where Jake had a dive booked for 1:30pm that day. We got to Tobermory and went right to the Divers Den dive shop so Jake could try on and get the proper equipment for the dive and put it on their boat. We got him some snacks for the trip and then he was off while I went to check into our hotel.

We stayed at the Big Tub Harbour Resort in Tobermory on their last weekend of operation for the season! Before arriving, I got a call from the resort saying they had some availability because it was the last weekend of the season and asked if we would like a free upgrade to a King Suite – I said yes of course! So I checked in with the extremely friendly staff at the resort and relaxed in our room for a bit before heading back into the town to do some shopping and looking around by myself. I went back to the room and relaxed some more before Jake texted he was done diving at 5pm. I went to pick up Jake and came back to our room so he could have a bath to warm up and we could dry his pants that got wet on the boat before heading to dinner.

For dinner, we went to the same spot we did the night before Thanksgiving Monday last year, the Crowsnest Pub & Restaurant. Jake got the traditional Thanksgiving dinner they were offering while I got fish and chips. By the end of the meal, Jake could barely keep his eyes open because the dive earlier had worn him out so we went back to relax at the hotel before bed.

Monday, October 8 / Back to Kitchener

After checking out of our room at the resort, we went into town in Tobermory for breakfast before hitting the road for the long journey home. Before we fully left though we had to stop just past Bruce Peninsula National Park in a hidden little trail just to stand by the water on more time.

On the way we stopped at an Apple Market to pick up a bushel of apples because the ones Alli and Jared had given us were just too good!

We drove through all of the seasons it seemed like, with the exception of no snow, before arriving back in Kitchener at an early enough time to unpack and unwind before heading back to work the next day.

Jake and I have always loved travelling together, whether it is a big trip like England earlier this year or a smaller road trip to have a mini-honeymoon together. It was so nice and refreshing to just get away the two of us and reflect on the previous weekend and talk about our future even more.

But now starts the planning of our full honeymoon next year! We have four location contenders: Iceland, Ireland, Italy or Thailand.

Where do you think we should go?!

Until next time,

Tiffany Spencer

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