2018: A Year in Review

What. a. year.

2018 was a crazy one, to say the least. It was the year that I started as a Nobes and will be ending as a Spencer! What’s crazier than that?

Here are just a few big things that changed in just 12 months in my life…


Of course, the biggest relationship change I’m referring to is the change in my marital status as I am now a married woman! You can read all about the planning process and the amazing day here, but for the purpose of this post I’ll just say it definitely took the cake as the biggest event in my life this year. 

My relationship also changed with Jake when it came to how we view our relationship though, as we’ve made some changes to become even closer. We took the love languages test together to discover how we each receive love and from that, we started doing weekly date nights. Our date night is on Wednesday nights and we either go out for a meal, go out for a walk or have an uninterrupted night in together. This date night routine has helped us to focus more on each other and get more quality time. Through the counselling process leading up to the wedding, we also did an extensive relationship analysis individually and then came together with our thoughts. This was an amazing experience and I recommend it to anyone getting married (seriously, message me and I will get you the paperwork) as Jake and I have been together almost 8 years and that analysis survey had us talking about things we’ve never even mentioned to each other which was incredibly eye opening for us.


I got to experience some great family changes in my life this year! I gained a sister-in-law in June when my brother got married! Their wedding was beautiful and it has been great to have another sister in the family.

I also gained TONS of new in laws from our wedding and couldn’t be happier about it because I LOVE Jake’s entire family!

My family started their business, Great Spirit Lodge, in March of this year and while it’s been a learning curve for all of us to start the business, it’s brought us all really close. It’s also given us a great place to escape to! This has helped me professionally as I’ve been able to do some consultancy work for their communications needs as well.


2018 was a big year for travel! Starting with going farther North than I’ve ever been, I visited Temagami, Ontario several times this year to hang out at my family’s Lodge.

More notably, I took my first overseas trip to England in June! This trip was mine and Jake’s first time flying together and taking a vacation together and it went so smoothly. Read all about the trip here.

After the wedding, we escaped to Kincardine and Southampton on our way to Tobermory for our mini-honeymoon as well. This is where I decided that one day, I will end up living in that area as I have never felt more at peace in my life than walking around those towns. Read all about that trip here.

And most recently, I took my first trip to Western Canada when I went to Kelowna, BC with work for the Huntington Society of Canada’s 2018 National Conference. This trip was short but felt long and gave me a good taste of that rainy west coast weather.

04/Health & Beauty

2018 has been a big year of realizations and improvements for my health, wellness and beauty. For my mental health, I started my new hobby of lettering to relax and escape my own mind for a bit which has helped me to be more calm and less anxious. I’ve also started investing in myself more by putting myself first, rather than the thoughts or expectations of others. If something doesn’t make me feel comfortable or happy, I am actively removing that toxin from my life. It’s been a hard process but worth it!

For my physical health, I continued to go to the gym at Fit4Less but just this week I’ve quite Fit4Less and joined our local YMCA instead, which has been one of the best decisions of the year. The YMCA has a pool and morning group exercise classes which I love (expect a blog about that soon!)

In terms of beauty, I’ve started taking better care of myself this year including FINALLY starting a legitimate skincare routine. Previously, I’ve always used Oxy Pads in the morning and at night and that was my routine but this year I’ve started using a wash, a cleanser, an oil, a spot treatment and moisturizer to keep my skin healthy. I also cut my hair in 2018 to have a new hairstyle with bangs which I am loving. After the wedding, I also got addicted to eyelash extensions which made me feel so much more confident overall.

2018 was a big year, to say the least. It will be a year I will always remember and cherish and I am proud of the milestones and healthy habits I’ve achieved.

I have no doubts that 2019 will also be a big year, and I cannot wait to see what else I push myself to achieve and the goals I’m able to reach.

Until next time,

Tiffany Spencer

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