Our Thailand Honeymoon

When Jake and I were planning our wedding, we made the decision to postpone our honeymoon and not take it directly after the big day. We made this decision because it would give us time to save for a better, bigger trip and because Jake was still in school for his apprenticeship at that point so we wanted to wait until he finished. (And I recommend this option to anyone that will listen because it made the post-wedding blues much easier to handle!) So, on June 16, 2019 we headed out for our greatest adventure – our Thailand honeymoon!

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New Year’s Maybes

Welcome to 2019! Is it just me or is there something shiny and exciting about a fresh start to a new year? Not knowing what lies ahead (good or bad) but forging on anyways to continue your story!

I feel like we’ve all become a little cynical… All over social media I’m seeing these kinds of memes:

But I refuse to give in to the negative expectations! We’ve got 365 days in 2019 to experience and if 2018 was any indicator for me, anything can happen!

While I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions – or any goals for that matter… On report cards I used to always get in trouble for leaving the “goals” section blank – I’ve decided to set some for 2019. But I’m calling them New Year’s Maybes instead. Because New Year’s Resolutions sounds too concrete and I just can’t make that sort of commitment!

So, here are my five New Year’s Maybes I’ve made for 2019!

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It was a nice day for a white wedding

As most of you know by now, I was recently married this year to my fantastic hubby who I had been dating for almost 8 years. And so, hopefully most of you can forgive me for being almost completely radio silent on this blog for the past 12 months, due to wedding planning.

Wedding planning was a process that was exhilarating, exciting and exhausting all at the same time. It made me feel giddy, impatient and broke all at the same time too!

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A Mini Honeymoon with Mega Amounts of Love

Well, I am finally settling back into normal routine and normal life since the wedding! Jake and I got married on Saturday, September 29 this year and it was beyond amazing (don’t worry, a blog post about the whole thing is coming up soon!) but also beyond exhausting. Jake and I took the Thursday and Friday before and the Monday after off of work to prepare and recuperate, then worked the following Tuesday to Thursday. And after working that Tuesday to Thursday, I totally understand why people take honeymoons right after their wedding now!

But Jake and I had too many fun adventures throughout 2017 that took up all our vacation time, so we opted to do a “mini-honeymoon” on the weekend after the wedding and will do a full honeymoon next year!

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A Trip Across the Pond

Jake and I recently had the most amazing opportunity to travel to England with his family. The main reason for the trip was to celebrate our dear family friend’s wedding on the Saturday, but we decided to also extend the trip into the week after to do some exploring together. It was a jam-packed, adventurous, exciting, tiring and wonderful experience that I miss dearly already!

Check Out my Trip Across the Pond!

My Age Does Not Define Me

“You’re only 21? Wow, you don’t act your age!”

“Millennials are so entitled and lazy.”

“She is really showing her age by how she confrontational she is being with the situation.”

These are just a few things I have heard friends, family or the general public say about “my generation” or people my age. These are also just a few sentences that aggravate me to no end.

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Beginner to Brush Lettering

I have always loved to write.

When I was little, I would write short stories for fun in my bedroom. I wrote these stories as a way to pass the time when I was bored.

In school, English was always my favourite subject. I loved communicating my answers through writing and describing my perspective.

In College, I went to school for Public Relations, a program that focuses on communication and has a heavy amount of writing.

And so now, as an adult in my career, I decided I needed to find a way to write more and get back the satisfaction I feel after writing. This blog has been amazing for that, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to channel my love for writing in a different way: the actual writing itself.

So, for Christmas, I asked for a brush lettering kit and my lovely parents bought me one and I haven’t put it down since!

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Here Comes the… Wedding Planning!

I’ve had the time of my life…

…planning our wedding! If you know me, you know I am organized beyond belief in almost every aspect of my life. Well, wedding planning has been no exception. According to my wedding planning book (aka wedding bible), I am just starting my 4-5 months out checklist. We are almost 8 months out from the actual day.

I am only able to be this ahead, though, with the help of some amazing tools.

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